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‘Forky’ scares the shirts off of Audet-Morissette!! 

It was a rainy Tuesday morning in Quebec City. While we were bringing our gear into the studio, I saw oForky cover art 1400ur guest had forgotten his raincoat and, umbrellas being unpractical while hauling keyboards, noticed that Seb was getting quite soaked. While setting up to
record a new Audet-Morissette single he took off his shirt to hang it to dry. With the soundcheck done and the cameras ready to roll, the shirt was still wet, so it was unanimously decided that our wardrobe would be reduced for the session. The result is 3 shirtless middle aged musicians showing off their shag and having fun.

The song is a live loose 7 feel, featuring the keyboard wizardry of Sebastien Champagne,  laid back drums and weird right hand bass guitar techniques with a Kahler tremolo bar. Titled “Forky” – the evolution of a bad 4+3 pun – a character that has now been personified by a villainous hand puppet, who is featured in the video of the session.

Despite the clouds outside, things were pretty bright in engineer Christian Poirier’s “Studio La Strip”.

Digital single available on ITunes , AmazonMP3 and CD Baby and other fine online stores.

Watch the video :

‘Contact’ tracks available for remixing, mash-up or play-along!

Do you want to have fun with the tracks from our ‘Contact’ single? Contact cover art2

Here they are :

Contact (drums)

Contact (bass)

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Feel free to remix, mash-up, play along or do whatever your creativity brings!

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Spacey sounds, experimental techniques and solid grooves come into “Contact” – Audet-Morissette’s new single.

Contact cover art2The experimental fusion composition “Contact”, featuring guitar, drums and bass, is now available in online music stores such as Itunes, AmazonMP3 and CD Baby.

 The song was built around bass grooves and melodies by Sylvain Audet, using a double-thumb, double-index, right hand technique that incorporates Kahler tremolo scoops, bends and vibrato. An Eventide Pitchfactor was used on the bass track to add an otherworldly effect.

 Guitarist Claude Laflamme responds to the bass melody and delivers a distorted reverse delay guitar solo, while drummer Christian Morissette lays down the groove and is featured in a climactic solo section.

 A video of the studio session can be seen on here :

Quebec City musicians arrested for publicity stunt.

Audet MorissetteSylvain Audet and Christian Morissette were arrested yesterday on charges of trademark infringement and spamming disinformation.

The members of Canadian music duo Audet/Morissette, supposedly sent false press releases to online media in an attempt to promote the launch of their upcoming release.

The two men now face the possibility of 11 000$ in fines and even prison for spreading a story of extra-terrestrial contact and using NASA’s name.

Buck Anhower, the men’s attorney,  commented “Let’s hope the judge has a sense of humour.”

The court date has not yet been set.

“Space Bass” audio suspected cause of NASA sick leaves.

12 employees from NASA’s Washington headquarters have been sent home with symptoms ressembling gastroenteritis. They were all part of the team appointed to examine the audio data collected from a possible alien contact last August in Paxton, Pennsylvania ( see related article ).

NASA spokesperson Kuremei Nawcia would not confirm the link between employee illness and exposure to the extreme low frequencies present in the audio the team was analyzing , but did not rule out the possibility of what she referred to as a ‘brown note effect’.

The musicians who originally recorded the audio reported a similar health issue but had associated it with a lactose intolerance due to the extra cheese in the “poutine” they were eating during the session.

Mrs. Nawcia confirmed that more information, including public release of the audio, would follow at the end of the month.


An electric bass guitar which was reported stolen from a Quebec City man’s car last March, was found in a corn field in Paxton Township, Pennsylvania last August. Morris Lesse, the farmer who found the instrument, recognized it from a You Tube video he had seen and was able to find the owner.

Sylvain Audet, a freelance musician, was surprised to see his Kahler equipped Jaguar Bass arrive in the mail last week and was even more surprised when he heard what he describes as “strange harmonics” when playing the recovered bass.

“ When I plugged it in, it sounded different, to say the least, so I called up some friends to record it.”

Scientists from Nasa are analyzing the audio data and have no leads as to what is causing the phenomenon.

M.Audet and his collegues, Christian Morissette and Claude Laflamme archived the sounds in an experimental fusion piece called ‘Contact’ to be released online September 30th.

(Version Française)